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Competitive Intelligence Redefined

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Competitive Intelligence is traditionally defined as the science of cultivating an understanding of marketplace players and industry forces and then applying that knowledge. Historically, competitive intelligence analysts rely on impersonal surveys, financial reports, and Internet research to build data warehouses. The subsequent analysis focuses solely on the external landscape.

We view competitive intelligence differently.

Sterile datasets and statistical reporting aren’t good enough. In today’s interconnected world, competitive intelligence is about relationships. It is about hearts and minds, logical and emotional responses. It is about pulling back the curtain.

We utilize a rapport-based approach to organically gather fresh, current, and insightful information directly from your core competitors and their customers. Ultimately, we learn about competitors' strengths, weaknesses, market entry points, social presence, products, or services in play and those being developed.

We also know that competitive intelligence in a vacuum isn’t particularly useful nor are lengthy (and often boring) reports. We use an apples-to-apples methodology that compares your organization with your core competitors. The analysis is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard format. This approach substantiates strengths and weakness and give you the information you need to quickly pivot, leapfrog, or stay the course.

GreenRidgeCI delivers insightful, meaningful, and actionable knowledge. That’s competitive intelligence redefined!

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