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Can You Identify the Bad Apple in the Bunch?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Researching a prospective customer is always a smart move. Learning more about the prospect's business means the sales team can design and propose the perfect solution. Perhaps even more importantly, vetting the legitimacy of prospective clients can save you time, energy and protect your organization from harm.

Early Research

Vetting can very quickly root out any potential threats whether it be a competitor engaged in corporate espionage or a cyber-criminal looking to lure an unsuspecting sales associate down the wrong path. The good news is that early research can often uncover and stop fraudulent activity before doing damage to your organization.

Here is a list of early research questions that can be used to establish legitimacy.

  • Does the prospect have a physical address?

  • Does the prospect have a web presence (website, social media, google page, etc.)?

  • Does the prospect’s website seem functional and provide contact information?

  • Does the prospect have any reviews or ratings?

  • Does the contact have a LinkedIn presence or any social media presence that indicates their employment with this organization?

  • Does the contact’s email address match the prospect company’s domain name?

  • Does the contact’s phone number match the prospect company’s phone number?

If a few of these are present and/or looks relatively new, it may well be that the prospect is fictitious. Cautiously, this is not always the case. There may be times where there are legitimate reasons for lack of findings. For example, perhaps the prospect has a limited digital presence because they rely on word of mouth or maybe your prospect is a startup. Whatever the case, it’s essential that you remain mindful and diligent.

If you suspect you are dealing with a bad apple, always remember to fight the urge to cast a blind eye or go against your better judgement in hopes of closing a sale.

GreenRidgeCI stands ready to help you vet potential clients. We empower organizations to recognize these forms of fraud via instructor lead trainings or Competitive Espionage simulations so your organization can stay focused on what it is important and continue to thrive and succeed!

Another way that GreenRidgeCI does Competitive Intelligence differently.

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